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With the incredibly high value that today’s society places on physical appearance, that carefree morning routine that we once followed as children becomes more and more stressful with age. For many men and women, every glance into the vanity mirror is a depressing reminder of hair loss. Whether it runs in the family or not, no one is ever prepared for the onset of baldness, and the rapid rate of hair loss can be devastating – aging that face you see in the mirror faster than you could ever have imagined.

Going bald is one of the most helpless feelings you can experience; however, with an FDA approval in 1998, many Americans are reclaiming control of their hair growth with a simple but effective product: Propecia.

Clear your medicine cabinet of all the expired pills, foul-smelling serums, and messy topical treatments that promise rapid transformations to give you beautiful, healthy hair, but never seem to deliver. Make room for a single bottle of Propecia – the first pill that, when taken daily, is shown to reduce hair loss in actually stimulate your follicles to re-grow hair.

Much like a standard painkiller, Propecia comes in 1 mg tablets, with a one-month supply carrying a price tag of roughly $50. This is a small price to pay for a solution to hair loss, and a cure for the pain of going bald. The success stories are not just anecdotal, and the advertising is more than hype – Propecia works, and the results from a two-year clinical study prove it.

With the participation of more than 1500 balding men ranging in age from 18 to 41, the study found that 83% of these men saw no reduction in hair count over a two year period, and 66% of the study group actually grew back hair they had already lost. Additionally, the hair that grows back is thick and natural, as opposed to the thin fuzzy hair that many patients observe when using other products.

An additional study at the University of Pennsylvania examined the effectiveness of Propecia in re-growing hair on different regions of the head. Propecia is known to work best on the crown and vertex, but has recently been discovered to stimulate hair growth on the front central region of the scalp, and may eventually extend to re-growth along the temples.

Propecia is not an instant fix. You won’t wake up one morning with the full head of hair you used to rock as a teenager. Propecia requires patience and must be taken daily yet hair re-growth is not expected for the first three or four months. Propecia doesn’t work for everyone, and a trial period of one year is recommended when deciding if Propecia is the right product for you.

Designed exclusively for men, Propecia will not stimulate positive results in women. Taking Propecia may interfere with test results when screening for prostate cancer. Side effects are reversible and are reported in 2% of all patients. Sexual side effects include a weakened sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and a reduction in semen volume upon ejaculation.

A Short Way To Treat Hair Loss

With the passage of time numbers of problems are increasing. In the past, there were very few problems that is why people were leading their life happily. Now you can get any problem at any time. Our topic of discussion is also about the use or Propecia. It is a good medicine which is used to give treatment of hair loss. Hair loss is one of those problems which are spreading very fast. In this article, i shall tell you about the treatment of this problem.

First of all you should have knowledge about the reason of getting hair loss problem. The first and main reason is DHT. You will be thinking that "What is DHT and how it decreases the growth of hair?" The answer of this problem is very simple. A substance in the body whose formation decreases the growth of hair is known as DHT. It also deactivates the activity of those cells which help in the growth of hair. it is very necessary to control the formation of DHT to increase the hair growth and it is only possible by the use of Propecia or any other recommended medicine. Propecia has the ability to restrict the formation of DHT. Most of the doctors will recommend you to use this medicine if you will ask them about the best medicine for hair loss treatment. They know that no medicine can give you best result as Propecia can.

There is some important information for those women who are pregnant and want to use this medicine. The use of this medicine for such women is prohibited. They should avoid it because its active components can cause many health problems for her baby and also for herself. If there is male baby then his sex organs may be damaged by the use of this medicine. As you know that this is a quite severe problem so women try to avoid this medicine.

There are some side effects with the use of Propecia. Propecia is quite safe to use but still some side effects are with it. You should consider these side effects before using it. You can also consult with your family doctor about its use. Common side effects are rash, hives, swelling of lips and face and some other general health problems. You can decrease the chances of getting these side effects by following the prescription of your doctor. If you will not follow his advice then you may get many health problems. Some side effects are related to the sexual problems. In this problem difficulty of getting erection is present. This sexual problem can be treated by the use of other medicines like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. If you will not treat these sexual problems then there are chances that you may be a victim of other problems. In short, always ask your doctor about its use if any question comes in your mind. This was all about Propecia and its use.

Who Made Man Beautiful?
Different methods are available for the re-growth of hair. Some people use hair transplant for the growth of their own hair and some use different oils on hair to make them large and abundant. Here I shall share another method to increase the growth of hair that is the use of medicines. You know that different medicines have different purposes but a special medicine has been made for the proper growth of hair. This drug is known as Propecia. Like other medicines it has a generic name which is used by many professionals and chemists. It's generic name is Finasteride.
You ask any woman, she will have a lot of things to worry about. Starting with worrying for her family, her children, the health of her family members and financial worries etc. When caught up with having to look after a family and manage multiple roles she has no time to think of herself. On the other hand you speak to any man and chances are that he is very conscious of the fact that his age is showing up and is worried that he is growing bald.
Is hereditary and baldness interrelated? Yes it is and baldness in about 90 percent of men and 75 per cent of women is traced to hereditary. Though there are other causes like drugs, nutritional deficiencies and stress, hereditary plays an important role in baldness.
Irrespective of your family genetics, your color or the place where you live, hair loss is one of those problems that most of the women have to face. Believe it or not, nothing is frustrating more than the thought of falling hair for women. With the improvement in science and technology, a number of cosmetic products have been introduced in the markets which can help women in tackling with hair fall problem.
Skin aging is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. However, a number of times people have to face problems in which their skin starts showing the signs of aging much too rapidly than it should. In those cases, there are a number of things that we can do to bring that aging process back to normal speed.
People who suffer from blemishes and pimples are nowadays turning to more natural methods in attempts to maintain health and fitness of their skin. The effective treatment provided by lemon juice is one that has given many a reason to smile. Cases of mild acne can actually be remedied through use of this form of treatment.
There are some things which you cannot avoid but you can reduce their effect by following some good techniques and ideas. Skin ageing is one of those things which increase with the passage of time. Since Skin ageing is a natural phenomenon so you cannot get rid of it. But you can reduce its effect by different ways mentioned below.
Health and fitness can be simply defined as the condition of full body, mind and soul of a human being. Most individuals deem health as the situation in which there is absence infirmity or any other illnesses. Furthermore, health can also be amplified to include the economic and social life of a person under which their productivity is gauged. Though health is viewed as the social well being of an individual, scientists see it as a process that is dynamic with constant adjustment due t the changing demands that life requires of you.

Different qualities of medicines are available in market. A good quality medicine always gives you better result in a short time. Propecia is just like such medicines which gives result in a very short time period. Propecia has a trade name which is Proscar. Many people may be familiar from this name. Now this question is that "What is the purpose of using Proscar?" As you know that due to the use of different shampoo and oils on the head hair start to fall in a short age and only scalp remain behind after 30-35 years. Different methods are adopted by the people for its treatment i.e. use of salon oil and other products and hair transplant etc. Well, if we discuss about the hair transplant then you will come to know that this method is quite time consuming and very unpleasant. To avoid this method some people like to use oils on their head. This method can give them hair for a short time period. If they need hair permanently then they have to use medicines. Since hair loss problem is caused by the inner body chemicals so it can only be treated by the use of drugs. These drugs act on that substance which is responsible for the hair loss. The topic of this article is Propecia which is the name of medicine used as hair loss remedy.

We were discussing the substance which is responsible for the hair loss. The name of that chemical substance is DHT. It is formed by the conversion of testosterone. Some people have a question that "How testosterone converts in to DHT?" An enzyme is responsible for this activity. This enzyme acts chemically on the testosterone and form DHT. If you are able to control the production of DHT then you are able to get your hair back. According to my knowledge Propecia has all those properties which make it able to stop the conversion. If you will use this medicine after asking a professional doctor then I assure you that you will get your hair in a month.

A study made on the use of Propecia shows some results. You will glad to know that those people who used it for 2-2.5 weeks got 45% hair and those who completed Propecia medication course got 85% hair. It is a big achievement made by this medicine. You cannot find any medicine for the treatment of hair loss as Propecia is. When you will use it for more than one month then you will see the results. One thing that you should keep in mind is that medicine is only for the men. Children and women are restricted to use this medicine. There are many active ingredients in this medicine. Do not use it after crushing it. There is a possibility of direct contact of these active ingredients with any internal part of body. At last I want to say that if you are willing to get your hair back then do not adopt different methods. Always go for a medical treatment.

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