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female hair lossIrrespective of your family genetics, your color or the place where you live, hair loss is one of those problems that most of the women have to face. Believe it or not, nothing is frustrating more than the thought of falling hair for women. With the improvement in science and technology, a number of cosmetic products have been introduced in the markets which can help women in tackling with hair fall problem. This article is all about the causes of hair fall and what can we do for reducing this problem.

• According to dermatologists and scientists, one of the most common causes of hair fall in women is simple illness. It has been proved with researches that the immune system of women is more sensitive as compared to that of men and that is why, it is difficult for women to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria that are found so much in our environment. When a woman gets sick, she will have a lot of outcomes, one of them being hair fall. That is why, for protecting oneself from hair fall, a woman should concentrate more on keeping herself in a good health condition.

• Another very common cause of hair fall amongst women is their ability to feel stress more as compared to men. Women are sensitive beings and for them feeling stress is more common as compared to men. One of the most obvious results of stress is hair fall. The hair fall does not start suddenly after an event of stress. Rather, it takes place after a time period of almost 3 months. This hair fall because of stress is usually temporary. However, if a woman does not try to control this situation then it can lead to baldness as well. This is a very important thing to keep in mind.

• Nowadays, women have become so much conscious about the way they look that they stop taking healthy diets. They start following such diet plans which are not at all healthy for them and totally concentrate on losing fats of their bodies. Some of those fats and calories are important for healthy being of a woman and if you will start removing them then problems will start to occur.

• Another thing that causes hair fall among women is pregnancy problem. After pregnancy, a lot of changes take place in the body of a woman and one of them is hair loss. However, this is not something serious as this is faced by all of women. After three to four months, hair fall will come back to their normal status. If this does not happen then women should consider visiting a doctor.

• Last but not least, all the substandard hair products available in markets are creating a very dangerous situation for women. Women select those beauty products without consulting any proper dermatologist and have to face consequences in the end. That is why; it is very important that women select their hair care products with great care and have them checked by an expert.

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