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lemonPeople who suffer from blemishes and pimples are nowadays turning to more natural methods in attempts to maintain health of their skin. The effective treatment provided by lemon juice is one that has given many a reason to smile. Cases of mild acne can actually be remedied through use of this form of treatment.

Before we get into the procedure it is vital to understand how acne comes into place. When pores of the skin get clogged with sebum mixed with dead cells of the skin, this plug makes a perfect habitat for bacteria. The action of these bacteria is what results into this spotting.

Use of lemon juice can be made directly on the skin and can also involve other ingredients too. Here are several processes of making the topical application:

Take a half of the citrus fruit. Using cotton swab or with your fingers, apply the liquid on to the skin directly.

Add some honey, yogurt or egg white in the liquid of the citrus fruit and mix well. This mixture would protect the skin from irritation it may suffer from the strong acidic liquid of the citrus fruit. In this mixture, half of the fruit would be enough. Take a spoonful of egg white or honey and mix to the extract from the fruit. Apply this mask on the face and let it stay on for about 20 minutes. This is good alternative especially for people with sensitive skin who would experience stinging sensation with the concentrated liquid extract.

Honey mixed with the liquid extract of the citrus fruit makes a good overnight face mask. However, it can really make a mess on the pillow that you sleep on. Therefore a Q-tip would be useful for dabbing the application on to the face. Alternatively, your finger would do just fine. Make sure to only apply the liquid extract on the particular pimple spot. Any excessive application would result in whitening of the skin on your face.

The contents of this citrus fruit include citric acid and vitamin C. These compounds have many benefits beyond the normal treatment. Exfoliation of the skin is a part of the action of the fruit extract, which is vital in treating skin breakouts.

The fruit extract acts as an astringent, meaning that it has the capacity to clear up blemishes on the skin. Pimples and redness on the skin can also be effectively eliminated by the action of the liquid which bleaches the skin. By constantly applying the extract of this citrus fruit, the affected area of the skin would appear less prominent on the skin and in time it would be completely healed.

The treatment may however not work on some skin types. This is not a unique occurrence since even other forms of treatment exhibit such varied characteristics on different people. The good news about it is that even if it does not work, you would have spent much less than you would on conventional medications. Fitness is important in ensuring that the skin carries out its functions. So take the responsibility of leading a healthy life.

There are a number of people out there who are worried about the quality of skin they have and are willing to do anything in order to improve it. This article is ideal for those people as in this article I shall be discussing some of the most beneficial thing as far as the quality of skin is concerned.
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