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Health and fitness can be simply defined as the condition of full body, mind and soul of a human being. Most individuals deem health as the situation in which there is absence infirmity or any other illnesses. Furthermore, health can also be amplified to include the economic and social life of a person under which their productivity is gauged. Though health is viewed as the social well being of an individual, scientists see it as a process that is dynamic with constant adjustment due t the changing demands that life requires of you. The quality of life together with the status of health one is in is great influenced by the context in which the individual is living. Maintaining and improving health does not only depend with applying advanced science of health but can also be through leading an intelligent lifestyle.

Our environments enormously influence our behaviors and characteristic. Researchers have come to a conclusion that there are several key factors that determine our health from the external environment. Some of them include social status, income, education, employment and social networks, however, the core factors are biomedical, lifestyle and environmental conditions. To maintain and promote a good health and fitness can only be achieved through extensive combinations of mind, physical activities and societal well being of an individual. Health is the constant determinant or resource for the daily life and without it, no man can survive, nonetheless, it is the purpose of living.

Since health is a concept, the positive part of it is that of laying emphasis on physical capacities, individual and societal resources. Relationship issues and lifestyle contribute to one’s health improvement by having thorough exercise, controlled sleeping sequence, a maintained body weight through a balanced diet while having a limited consumption of alcohol. One can lead this lifestyle only when they can manage their self control and adapt to the new healthy system. The several types of cited environment have features that manipulate health. Such include water, air, sunshine, roads and housing which are proven to contribute towards poor or good health and fitness form.

Recreational entities and a sound neighborhood for any individual lead to a more satisfied life rather than that environment which is deprived of such elements. Such environments are good as they reduce the levels of obesity and a lower general health condition. Natural space has to be therefore taken into account for any urban planning or development. That is the main reason behind the setting up of earth watch agencies given the role of establishing public policies to control the natural environment.

One’s individual health can be controlled by mutation and genetics. Inherent traits are sometime responsible for the health an individual has since it encompasses predisposition to definite illnesses. This means that health conditions, habits and behaviors are developed through the family tree. These individuals are susceptible to conditions they did not call for but inherited from their parents. Genetics has always had a way in which to influence the manner in which individuals muddle through stress in mental, physical and emotional ways. Health and fitness should always be your pinnacle priority in matters of life.

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