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Since times immemorial, humans have pursued beauty. Perhaps the invention of the mirror is the crown of man’s pursuit of beauty of the form. It was perhaps in the still waters that man first saw his own reflection and realized what a beautiful form he possessed. Women too began to use ornaments in order to enhance beauty. Then came the concept of mirror. Ornate and beautifully decorated mirrors made of precious metals like silver and gold have enhanced the beauty and the romance of the various queens and princesses in the history of various kingdoms.

Why are we human beings so enamored by beauty of form one wonders. We like to see beauty in everything and especially in women. Well, when we think of women, we first think of how beautiful she is. But beauty of the form is not limited to women alone. Even men are known to be beautiful and handsome. The Greeks perhaps had the most fantastic concept of beauty of the form both in case of females as well as males. Even the gods and fairies are depicted to be beautiful beings.

We are wired to seek beauty of the form. Nature is so rich with its beautiful forms and various manifestations. With every season we see nature’s glory and beauty in different forms. No country or landscape on earth is the same. Each land has its own beauty and calling. Every bit of nature that we lay our eyes on is beautiful. When nature is celebrating its beauty all the time in the lofty mountains, green and lush forests, the flowing plains, the green carpet valleys , the dancing rivers and the roaring ocean, is there any doubt that nature wanted beauty to be personified in the crown of its creation – man and woman?

Women are symbolic of feminine beauty of nature while men symbolize the valor and the male rugged beauty. The beauty is not of the physical form alone but is enhanced by the mental makeup and the character of the individuals too. Physical beauty alone is not appealing. When the individual is beautiful inside, meaning when the individual is a good human being and the character of the soul comes out through the thoughts and actions, we see the form being glorified and reflecting beauty. Of course, the beauty of the person is also associated with quite a few of characters of the individual. Traditional concept of female beauty is for the female to be coy, shy, kind and feminine. Poetry often compares the gait of a swan, peacock, fish or the eyes of dear etc to the beauty of women. Similarly men are compared to the strength and gait of a lion, strong as an elephant, swift like a horse and so on.

Beauty is in nature and beauty is in nature’s crown. Nature brought together the best of the forms and features to create the man and woman and celebrate its innate beauty of form and manifestation. No wonder we feast on the beauty of form and seek it in every woman and man.

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