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Different methods are available for the re-growth of hair. Some people use hair transplant for the growth of their own hair and some use different oils on hair to make them large and abundant. Here I shall share another method to increase the growth of hair that is the use of medicines. You know that different medicines have different purposes but a special medicine has been made for the proper growth of hair. This drug is known as Propecia. Like other medicines it has a generic name which is used by many professionals and chemists. It's generic name is Finasteride.

We shall divide our discussion in to two parts. In the first part I shall tell you about the use of Propecia and its working. In the last part I shall tell you about the side effects and some important information of Propecia. As I have told you that Propecia is only for the growth of hair. You cannot use it for other purposes. A chemical known as DHT is present in the body. You will be amaze to know that its formation is responsible for the slow hair growth. Sometimes its formation does not allow hair to grow form the specific area. This is an alarming situation for such people who are very conscious about their hair growth. If anyone fell that his hair falling is increasing day by day then he should tell his family doctor. He can only tell you the best solution for this problem. Most of the doctors go for the treatment of hair growth with the help of medicines. It is a best choice because surgery and use of many chemicals on the skin of head side can cause serious problems for you. If your doctor wants to treat your hair growth problem with the help of medicine then he may recommend you to use Propecia.
When you will use Propecia it will start working in your body and stop the formation of DHT.

Those people who are using Propecia may not familiar form the side effects of Propecia. They should have knowledge about them because this knowledge will save them from many severe problems. The chances of getting these side effects are very rare. The main side effects of using Propecia are itching, rash, hives, swelling or face and lips, breast tenderness and enlargement, problems with ejaculation and testicular pain. Do not hesitate in telling about these side effects if you are suffering any of them. Get an immediate treatment in case of face and lips swelling and breast enlargement.

A user should know about the Propecia thoroughly. These points will help him to understand well about this medicine.

  • - Propecia medication for hair loss treatment is only for men. Women and children should avoid this medicine. It could be harmful for you.
  • - If you have an allergy to any ingredient of Propecia then you should avoid it. In such case, inform your doctor.

These points are very important and should be considered before using it.

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