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You ask any woman, she will have a lot of things to worry about. Starting with worrying for her family, her children, the health of her family members and financial worries etc. When caught up with having to look after a family and manage multiple roles she has no time to think of herself. On the other hand you speak to any man and chances are that he is very conscious of the fact that his age is showing up and is worried that he is growing bald.

True across all societies and since ages men have been worried about growing bald. If you actually analyze, their fear factor comes from having to be viewed as bald by the others. Actual truth might be that women do not really worry whether the man has nice hair or is bald. Yes for the first instance it does matter how you look but not how much hair you have on your head. When women do wish to engage in a relationship, it is the personality and the inner qualities that matter to them the most and next comes the qualification, the job and the financial status of the man. His growing baldness hardly figures in their scheme of things. But still men are very self conscious of their loosing hair.

Hair loss in men normally starts to appear after forties. This is a gradual process. First they begin to have a receding hairline at the temples and a small patch of mild hair loss on the top of the head as well as the anterior mid scalp. This then begins to increase over the years.

How ever healthy food you consume and no matter what exercises you do to maintain your body, you will be susceptible to baldness if you have inherited as a part of your heredity. It is a part and parcel of your inheritance.

The exact cause of DHT has been researched by the medical science. A chemical called dihydrotestosterone or DHT is responsible for the baldness in men. This chemical present in the body shrinks the hair follide to an extent that it no longer produces visible hair.

So the only option for men is to seek treatment for hair fall. There are many kinds of treatments available in the market. The options include topical creams and applications that are available in plenty in the market. Then there are drugs that can be taken in the form of oral tablets under doctor’s prescription. You of course have technology aided treatments like hair weaving and other surgical options.

Though the creams and other related products do claim to help, their effectiveness is yet to be proved. If there is any effect at all it might be temporary for the products are essentially applied externally. Surgical interventions on the other hand are not really particle and very expensive. Even if you go in for a hair weaving now, next year you might develop baldness in some other area and you cannot be going in for surgery all the time to cover new patches.

The best alternative and option is with using Propecia for this is the only drug that works to eliminate the root cause of hair loss. It effectively blocks the formation of DHT and thereby effectively stops the pattern of hair loss in men.

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